Forman, Elijah Baxter (c. 1840-1925)

From Who Was Who

FORMAN, E. Baxter
JP Co. of London; MD, MRCP, MRCS
died 25 Nov. 1925

From 1881 census
Elijah B. Forman
born c 1840 in Derbyshire
Address: 138 Stoke Newington Rd
Doctor of Medicine
Living with
Frances Forman, born c 1844 Derbyshire (sister) and
Edward Forman, born c 1830 Nottinghamshire (Visitor) Dividends [a brother of Elijah Baxter Forman and Frances. Edward (born in New Radford, Nottinghamshire) is shown as a son of Elijah (senior) and Fanny in the 1851 census.

1851 census

Elijah Baxter Forman was living with his father Elijah and mother Fanny in Derby.
Elijah Forman was born in Chellaston, Derbyshire in about 1803.