Forman, Waltham on the Wolds, Leicestershire

There is an article on this family in the DNB, which gives the following dates

Thomas Forman (1692–1768)
Anthony Forman (1725–1802)
Henry Forman (baptised 1741)
Richard Forman (baptised 1733, died 1794)
Richard Forman (baptised 1763, died 1830)
William Forman (1767-1829)
Richard Forman (1795-1880)
Thomas Seaton Forman (1791–1850)
Richard Forman (died 1882)
William Henry Forman (1794–1869)

This family was involved in the Welsh iron industry.

The Forman Chapel at St.George's church, Doncaster, is named after this family.

St George, Doncaster