Kate Middleton - Lincolnshire connection

Kate Middleton will marry Price William on 29 April 2011. You can read about Kate Middleton on Wikipedia

On this page I am looking at Kate Middleton's ancestry, and in particular her Lincolnshire connections.

Kate Middleton's Family Tree. One of Kate Middleton's great great grandmothers was Sarah Ann Gee, born at Long Sutton, Lincolnshire, in 1852.

Sarah Ann Gee's father was Edward William Gee, born in London in about 1818.

In 1851 Edward Gee was a grocer and draper, living in the High Street at Bluntisham, Huntingdonshire. Edward Gee was married, but on census day his family were living elsewhere.

In 1861 Edward Gee was a grocer and draper, living at Bridge Street, Sutton St. Mary, Lincolnshire. Edward Gree was married, three daughters (including Sarah Ann) and a son were living with him, but not his wife.

In 1871 Edward Gee was living at Bridge Road Post Office, Sutton St Mary. Again his wife was not living with him on census day. Two daughters (but not Sarah Ann) and a son, and his wife's sister (Charlotte Marshall) were living with him.

Edward Gee's daughter Elizabeth married Henry Stokes Forman, a confectioner in Louth, Lincolnshire. In 1881 Edward Gee was living at 28 Upgate Louth, Lincolnshire, with the Forman family.

The shows Family Tree that Edward Gee died at Upgate, Louth, Lincolnshire on 17 Sept. 1883