Handsley, Walter

From The Times Tuesday November 20, 1883
Madrid, Nov. 19

Yesterday the King and Queen, with the Infanta Isabella, hunted with a pack of foxhounds belonging to the Madrid Hunt Club, of which Don Alfonso is honorary president. The meet, the third of the season, was abrilliant success, a large number of members of the club, in orthodox scarlet, being present to welcome the Royal Family. The popularity of this sport has much increased in Madrid of late, and the Madrid hunt can now boast as good a pack of hounds as any out of England, for which advantage much credit is justly given to the English manager, Mr. Handsley.

Queen Isabella held a full-dress reception in the Palace this afternoon. It is understood that Her Majesty will before long take up her usual winter quarters in Seville.

Who was Walter Handsley, the English manager of the Madrid Hunt Club? I'm guessing that there was only one Handsley family in Madrid!

From The Times Friday February 08, 1884

On the 27th Jan., at Clive House, King's Cliffe, Northamptonshire, Maria Gayleard, wife of Walter Handsley, Madrid.

Walter Handsley married Maria Gayleard Cunnington in the Oundle registration district of Northamptonshire in 1870.